Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili Tourism Place

kerta_gosa_prpenner1Tourism object Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili (Balai Kambang) in antiquity is a part of the Kingdom of Klungkung Puri Semarapura built in 17 century. In the west of this building there is a gate that is known by the name Pemedal Court is the main gate is Puri Semarapura. The three buildings are located in one area of the Semarapura city center, located approximately 40 km east of Denpasar city, passed by the traffic lane way to Besakih, Goa Lawah, Candi Dasa, and from the tourism object of Kertha Gosa / Taman Gili can proceed to Kamasan Village which is located 2 km south towards a village that is famous with the silverware, engravings shell bullet, gold and painting traditional puppet.

The attractiveness of the three buildings as this is because of historical kingdoms of Klungkung-carved ornaments with the beautiful amazing. In addition to the building Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili, on the palate roof decorated traditional Kamasan paintings are very artistic, describes the philosophy of Hindu culture. Besides that, also Gili Park / Balai Kambang as a traditional Balinese building architecture base was established over a giant turtle at east side of it, on above of the wall of the pond that around it be found a row of statues of the gods on the one side and the giant in the other, each group trying to get Amertha Life fertilizer.

Come visit and look it from near directly,

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