Services for Health Insurance Participants on February 2010

Visits participants or Card holders of Health insurance in February 2010 on my afternoon practice as a family doctor as much as 24 requests from 555 card holders of Health insurance registered in February 2010. When compared with visits in the previous months has been an increase of just climbing, where a visit in January 2010 as many as 13 visits from 502 card holders of Health insurance registered and visit in December 2009 as many as 4 visits from 225 card holders of Health insurance registered .

List of registered Health insurance card holders to be my serve began in March 2010 (if needed services) has been received from PT Askes (Persero) Branch Klungkung on 04 March 2010. The numbers increased slightly compared to the previous situation of some 592. This list will be used as a reference in providing services to card holders of Health insurance registered. Health insurance card holders only those stated in the list that will be served in accordance with Health insurance (no pay / free). Whereas participants, who have not / are not listed in the list, will temporarily serve as a public patient until really concerned get listed in the following month.

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