Pray always for Health of Registered Participants on Family Doctor

Insurance CardsBeing a family doctor for Social Health Insurance participants always hoped that participants who enrolled him always healthy or will never sick. If so that would be beneficial for the family doctor. This is because the PT  Askes (Persero) family doctor are paid on capitation system according to the number of participants enrolled in the family physician and all necessary costs in outpatient care in the relevant family physician full responsibility of the family doctor (such as drug costs, the cost of supporting services including blank reference if needed for referral). While quantities capitation fees paid by PT  Askes (Persero) before the tax cut only Rp. 5000. – (Five Thousand Rupiahs) per head are registered per month.

How about another sick season (the change of seasons / weather every 6 months in the Indonesian region) where most of the participants could suffer pain due to decreased immunity because of changes in the weather? Then the family doctor will suffer losses if not done in anticipation of managing the overall capitation funds obtained accompanied by prayers for the health of participants.

This condition is very different from the usual practice physician who always visited the sick hope as many with a lot of rewards too. While physicians who practice family physician working with an insurance company in this case that there is a PT  Askes (Persero), always hoping that there is no or only a few sick people come from participants enrolled in the family physician.

Membership on the development of a registered Social Health Insurance for me as one of doctor of family doctor practice (from 8 family doctors practice) in Klungkung regency, Bali, when the first month cooperation contract (December 2009) the number of registered participants is 225 people, 4 participants who used it, whereas in the second month of cooperation contracts (January 2010) the number of registered participants is 504 people, 13 participants who had used it. I hope that in the following months the number of registered participants continued to increase and gain a favorable balance.

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