Family Doctor Services for Social Health Insurance Participants in Klungkung District

StethoscopeAlthough the cooperation agreement between the PT. Askes (Persero) Branch Klungkung with the family doctor has been signed since September 28, 2009 and was originally going into effect starting in November 2009, but because the data registered participants have not reached the quota agreement, then the realization of the Family Doctor Services For Parties Social Health Insurance/civil servants in the Klungkung District just can be started early in December 2009.

The Family Doctor in Klungkung District participating signed an agreement with the Pt. Askes (Persero) Branch of Klungkung as the KDP (giver of Health Services) FLOP (First Level Outpatient) namely: dr. I Wayan Nadi (0229U004); dr. I Nyoman Adiputra (0229U006); dr. I Ketut Sutartha (0229U007); dr. Ni Ketut Siti Sunari (0229U008); dr. Hinarti Utami (0229U009); dr. Ida Ayu Ideasri (2205U001); dr. I Gst. Ngr. Great Suastika (2205U002); dr. R.A. Herman Hartanto (2205U011).

While the number of participants whose be registered in each family physician to be served since the beginning of December 2009 based on data submitted by the printout of the Pt. Askes (Persero) Branch of Klungkung namely: dr. I Wayan Nadi = 458 souls; dr. I Nyoman Adiputra = 225 souls; dr. I Ketut Sutartha = 209 souls; dr. Ni Ketut Siti Sunari = 182 souls; dr. Hinarti Utami = 281 souls; dr. Ida Ayu Ideasri = 210 souls; dr. I Gst. Ngr. Agung Suastika = 254 souls; dr. R.A. Herman Hartanto = 154 souls.

View of the above data is still a lot of Social Health Insurance participants who have not been submitted by the Pt. Askes (Persero) Branch of Klungkung to the family doctor of each, either because it is still in the process of data validation and that are in the process of data collection. It is expected that all data can be submitted in early January 2010 so that all participants can take advantage of the family physician services in outpatient health care level first.

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