Headache and The Several Prevention Activities or Actions

HeadacheIf the headache is attacked, it would do anything to be uncomfortable. Pulsating head, neck muscles tense, sometimes hurt the eyes too. Most people apply medication different. There is a direct swallowing migraine headache, installing patches on his neck, sleep, and so forth. But if the headache is often the case, what kind of treatment should be done?

Acupuncture, perhaps, this is the most popular treatments that you already know. “Acupuncture running mind-body connection and to help patients cope with pain,” said Dr. Traci Purath, MD, Medical Director at the Comprehensive Headache Care, Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group in Franklin, Wisconsin. Some needles will be inserted at specific points in the neck, forehead, and cheeks, to divert the pain. The needles are very thin and flexible so you will not feel it through the skin. After be acupunctured, he says, patients will usually feel the relaxation in the whole body. Body feels light, and you’re so good to sleep.

Sex, you are a married woman ever to refuse sex from your husband by reason dizzy? Maybe you need to change the strategy because it can eliminate sex headaches! “Natural Endorphins, hormones and painkillers are released when you have an orgasm, which will help you to relax and calm,” said Dr. Purath. However, this effect will soon pass. So you have to keep preparing painkillers which your usual consumption.

Sports, if your headaches occur regularly, it might be time you have to make exercise part of your lifestyle. “When you move around, you increase your stamina, reduce stress, and sleep more soundly,” said Jan Brandes, MD, assistant clinical professor of neurology, Vanderbilt University. “The harder the exercise, jogging, brisk walking, or swimming-growing decreased pain, “he added. But if you suffer from migraines, regular exercise can actually make it worse.

Water, this recipe really works you already know from the first. Drink 8 glasses of water a day because of dehydration is the cause of primary headaches. “When the body does not have enough water, your body will start to retain fluid which is stored, and looking for ways to let you know that your body is dehydrated (with a sore head),” said Dr. Purath. As soon as a headache, make haste to drink lots of water. However, do not let too much; excess fluid can reduce the levels of electrolytes and sodium in your body.

Snacking, Hunger also often causes you a headache. Unfortunately, you often do not realize that your stomach is empty because it was too busy working. When the body does not get food intake, blood sugar levels will decrease, causing your headaches hypoglycemic. That is, the body began to demand food intake. Eat crunchy snacks such as apples, will soon relieve pain, and helps blood sugar levels back to normal. Avoid snacks such as candy bars, to replace the blood sugar because it will only make you demand more, according to Dr. Purath. Food that is not recommended is because bananas instead trigger a headache.

Caffeine, able to drive sleepiness addition, a cup of coffee in the morning also has other benefits. A number of caffeine may help control headaches. It was explained Dr. Brandes. In addition, caffeine can also help the body to absorb migraine treatment better through the stomach lining. Caffeine can also control pain in headache attacks by narrowing blood vessels. However, for some people caffeine actually cause headaches. So, consume with caution.

Sleeping, Not all people have the luxury to be able to sleep 8 hours a day. Sleeping less than 8 hours is what often causes headaches. Our bodies need sleep soundly (without disturbance) at least 7 hours a day to refresh and recharge them for the pain disappeared. Dr. Purath suggested holding onto a regular sleep schedule and waking up at the same hour every day. Excessive sleep or less, even if only 1 or 2 hours, it can as trigger a migraine.

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