Isotonic beverages is important for athletes

Healthy in Drink IsotonicWater is an important component in the lives of creatures in the universe including human life. About 60% of adult human body consists of water. Also 75% of our brain consists of water. That is why, dehydration can result in reduced human physical performance. As an illustration, if the body fluid decreased by 5%, our performance will drop by 20-30%. If reduced by 10%, will result in acute fatigue. The most fatal if the body to lose fluid as much as 20%, because it can lead to death.

Usually, dehydration occurs when we are doing physical activity. At regular physical activity, the body loses 2.5 liters of water per day. About 60% of its issued through sweat. On a more physical activities such as sport weight, loss of water can reach 1-2 liters per hour. Largely due to the sweat pouring out. Sweating is one of the body attempts to maintain the body temperature remained normal.

Sports, especially with moderate to severe intensity, it can be at risk of dehydration. However, this fact we can not make an excuse to reduce the target practice. Anticipation alone with the choice of appropriate sports drinks. Do not forget to adjust well to the type of sport that we’ve field. During much of this has introduced what is called an isotonic drinks to replace fluids lost during activity.

Isotonic fluids is usually consumed by those who have a lot of activity. We know him as a drink or guardian stamina recovery. While athletes or doctors called it isotonic, containing electrolytes and carbohydrates for 6-8%, similar to blood osmotic. That is why, isotonic drinks tend to be more rapidly absorbed by the body than other types.

Isotonic drinks are suitable for sports fans aerobics, badminton, indoor tennis, indoor cycling classes, body pump, body combat, or jogging lovers. Especially when training time more than 60 minutes. Sport in the middle of suspected heat can also cause moderate to severe dehydration.

How to use, consumption of this beverage 10-15 minutes before exercise, as many as 230 ml. Repeat every 20-30 minutes. Or, drink in moderation, every time he feels thirsty. Can be drunk again, if after exercise thirst still missing. Do not forget to consider drinking rules listed on the packaging. Excess in small amounts, can be disposed of by the body through sweat or urine. However, if the excess in quantity, can cause tooth decay and heart problems.

To note, especially for people with kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease, stomach disorders and patients should consult a physician before consuming this drink. This is because each disease has a different response to what is consumed.

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