Importance fulfill time

On time schedule Often in attend an event or carry out an activity,  it’s starting time is not in accordance with the implementation schedule has been determined previously, both attend the event invitation meetings, scientific meetings, seminars and other activities as well as other reports as the result of an activity at all levels within the administration than the implementation of the previously scheduled, why? Likely already be entrenched from time to time and from generation to generation, it’s very difficult to eliminate these practices. This is because it is all to the experience of each. All people think a schedule of the hours at most hours of the start (most people predict the difference of time until half an hour and even more between the schedule and its implementation). Besides, who is also the first came, but not so be seen many participants who attended and they do not seem to go more like waiting. Similarly the other participants, the wait at each other, while running the event and hold a meeting to be starting later from the schedule. Can this habit be lost? If it can, how can we to eliminate this habit?

Of course, as this practice can be gradually eliminated depending on the intent of each. How is the start of the intention and commitment of all parties level of administration that whoever as the meeting or an activity that had been considering the time schedule, course of a meeting or if a particular activity cannot be conducted at that time should not be scheduled at a time is not possible. Strongly that each implementation of the activities scheduled always do in a timely manner. Similarly for the operator so that anyone genuinely in the start and end of an activity so that the appropriate time according to schedule no more no less, regardless of the presence of participants. In case there is no single participant who attended as scheduled, it is forced to start in a few times later from schedule, and so have attended one or two direct course we start the event or activity is meeting as scheduled while awaiting the other participants who do not attend . That often happens is late implementation of the schedule although some of the participants have to attend on time and even earlier, for reasons do not fully participant attendance yet. Of course, this will provide opportunities for participants who are usually present on time to become involved on the late time. Therefore, the better we start the course on time as scheduled on the waits of the completeness of the presence of participants. Therefore each activity implemented like this then erroneously believed that habits can be removed. Keep time like this is very important and a lot of benefits and profits earned, such as time will not be lost futile because so many jobs and tasks can be completed from the time available, it will create next generation of high productivity, with the discipline, the work result will more effective and efficient and will ultimately increase welfare of the community.

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