In World every year be estimated thirty millions person whose suffer measles and on year 2002 be reported 777 thousands case fatality be caused by measles. From that amount, 202 thousands case fatality come from ASEAN states and 15 % of it’s from Indonesia. Although on year 2005 case fatality of measles in all world can be decreased became 345 thousands but big half part of them sacrifices are children.

Measles is a communicable disease that be caused by virus namely paramyxovirus. The symptoms of this disease usually appear about 10-12 days after a person be attacked by viruses.

Children who suffer measles disease experience some symptoms such as: high fever (39, 5-40, 5 degree Celsius) during 2-4 days, cough, has a cold, conjunctivitis, red spots / stains. Red spots usually appear 14 days after be infected by virus and then be lost it self after 5-6 days. The first time red spots usually appear on face and neck of patient, and in 3 days the red spots spread to all bodies be included hands and feet.

Measles virus spread via droplets while sufferer sneeze or cough and can spread to all around peoples. Virus will permanent active and spread on air or surface that be infected until more than two hours. Virus also can be spread by a person who has be infected since four days before appear red spots (incubation periods) until four days after appear red spots.

Measles constitute one of all disease which can be prevented by immunization.  All of children have to get measles’s immunization on age nine months to prevent measles disease that often be suffered by many children.  Measles’s immunization can be gotten on Posyandu, Public Health Center and or Hospital.

The fatality of children sufferer measles disease is not caused direct by measles, but by consequence of complication that be happened on this disease include as most seriously complication like encephalitis, severe diarrhea, ear inflammatory  disease, and pneumonia. The complications more often occur on children especially the children with bad nutrients or weakness of immune system. Be estimated between 1 – 5% of children in the developing countries that be attacked by measles will die.

Measles disease can be healed. For the most parts of measles disease sufferer will recover fully on periods one or two weeks of time, if be treated by all right.

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