Cigarette is as manufacturer of chemical substances. In one cigarette that is smoked will be resulted out about four thousands chemical substances those are dangerously. There are three chemical substances most dangerous from cigarette fumes like as: Nicotine, Tar and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Nicotine, Nicotine can cause blood vessel obstruction that is resulting heart attack, increasing of heart beat and blood pressure, along with addiction. Smoking one cigarette is significant with 2-3 mg nicotine.

Tar, Tar is residue of cigarette fumes components. Tar can cause cancer.

Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Monoxide is poisoning gas that is bundling it self with blood hemoglobin resulting oxygen are not bundled by blood hemoglobin and can not be used by body. Later effect, blood vessel tissues become narrow and hardly cause blood vessel obstruction. One cigarette content 3-6% Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Active and Passive Smoking

Active smoking is a person who consume cigarette routine or not routine.
Passive smoking is a person who not smoking, but inhale cigarette fumes from other smoking in closed room.

Consequence of Smoking for Health

  • Hypertension and can cause stroke
  • Caused 25% death as consequence of coronary hearth disease
  • Heath attack three times more often than no smoking
  • Have cancer risk like as cancer at lips, tongue, throat, larynx, bladder, cervix and others.
  • Disturbance of respiratory tract system
  • Abortion, premature
  • Fetal death or congenital anomaly
  • Low born body weight
  • Impotence
  • Addiction and have a trend to use Narcotic and dangerous substances.

In generally a person very difficult to stop smoking be caused by:

  • Addiction
  • Dependency
  • Social intercourse

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