Physical activity (sport) is the movement of all part of body components which are causing loss out the power that very important for physical and mental health maintenances along with efforts to defend the quality of life in constant healthy and fresh for a long days. By regular physical activity for thirty minutes minimally every day can make heart, lungs and order component of body in healthy condition. If more times can be used to do physical activity then more benefits can be found. If these activities are committed every day accordance with regular then after three months will be felt its benefits.

The benefits if we commit regular physical activity:

  1. Be avoided from heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and orders.
  2. Body weight be controlled
  3. The muscular more flexible and bone stronger
  4. Ideal and reasonable of body form.
  5. More self confidence.
  6. Stronger and fresh.
  7. Health condition better for all

Enforce correctly physical activity:

Please enforce step by step until thirty minutes, if not common yet can be begun with several minute every day and step by step be increased.
Physical activity is enforced before meal or two hours after meal.
Beginning by early heating and stretching.
Please enforce mild movement to begin and step by step be increased until moderate.
If already common do that activity, the frequency and intensity of that activity can be added or be increased.

There are three types or characteristics of physical activity those can we do to endure health of body like as:

1. Endurance

Physical activity for endurance can help heart, lungs, muscles and circulation system in permanent healthy condition and make our body stronger.

Some activities those can be chosen for examples:

  • Walking
  • Mild running
  • Swimming, gymnastics
  • Play tennis
  • Farming and working at park

2. Flexibility

Physical activity for flexibility can help the movement easier, endure the muscles flexibility permanently and function of article better.

Some activities those can be chosen for examples:

  • Slow stretching, begin from hand and foot.
  • Taichi gymnastics, Yoga
  • Washing clothes, washing car.
  • Mop floor.

3. Strength

Physical activity for strength can help muscle tasks to hold up the load that be accepted, the bone on permanent strong and endure body form, along with helping to increase prevention toward disease like as osteoporosis.

Some activities those can be chosen for examples:

  • Push up by right technical.
  • Climb and down staircase.
  • Remove weighty load
  • Fitness

Physical activity sports can be committed like as:

  • Healthy working and jogging
  • Play tennis
  • Play badminton
  • Football
  • Aerobic gymnastic
  • Breathing gymnastic
  • Swimming
  • Play basket ball
  • Play volley ball
  • Bike
  • Load exercise
  • Mountain climbing


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