Food is a very important necessity of life, because from food the human can find power source to do commonplace activity. Of because need be attended the kinds and quality of food consumption (healthy food) i.e. the food with contents:

  1. High fibrous
  2. Low of fat
  3. Content balance nutrient.

The high fibrous of food is the food with high fibrous that can be found on all kind of plants like as: vegetables, fruits, rice plants, peanuts and others.

The twelve benefits of food with fibrous:

  1. Help to solve Diabetes problems.
  2. Prevent constipation.
  3. Help to decrease body weight.
  4. Make younger performance.
  5. Help detoxification process.
  6. Help to prevent cancer of colon.
  7. Help to prevent cancer of breasts.
  8. Help to decrease cholesterol.
  9. Make the skin, hairs and nails beautifully.
  10. Help to prevent appendicitis.
  11. Help to prevent anemia.
  12. Help the normal intestines bacterial flora in balances.

The low fat of food is the food with a little fat and low calories, but its still content prime substance for health like as: protein, calcium, and others.
Be recommended to ours in order to eat a little fat only less than 69 gram every day.
The food with balance nutrients is the food with all kinds of substances that is consumed a day which content power substances, growth substances and regulator substances appropriate with necessity of body.

Power substances can be found from carbohydrates and fat. Source of carbohydrate like as: hulled rice, sago palm, corn, edible/sweet potato, cassava, bread, breadfruit, and pure sugar.

Body builder substances can be found from proteins. Source of an animal protein like as: meat, fish, chicken, liver, egg, and milk. And source of concerning plants protein like as: fermented soybean cake, soybean curd, and all kinds of beans.

Regulator of substances can be found from vitamin and mineral. Source of vitamin and mineral are most on vegetables and fruits.

The food with unbalance nutrients can cause a person suffers fewer nutrients, bad nutrients or overload nutrients.

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