Healthy lifestyles are the commonplace of peoples to implement their healthy life every day and avoid bad habit that can disturb their health.

Healthy lifestyles include as below:

  1. Consume the food with balance nutrients, high of fibrous and low of fat.
  2. Enforce physical activity thirty minute every day minimally.
  3. Do not smoking.

Without enforce the healthy lifestyles can cause some of diseases like as: heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Obstructive Lung disease, Obesity, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis.

Benefit of Healthy Life Styles:

  1. The body becomes better healthy and not easy become sick.
  2. The common activities become faster and interesting on performance.
  3. More productive.
  4. Be avoided from much kind of not communicable diseases like as: heart disease, hypertension, stroke, Diabetes, Chronic Lung disease and Osteoporosis.

Consume the food with balance nutrients, high of fibrous and low of fat

Food is a very important necessity of life, because from food the human can find power source to do commonplace activity. Of cause need be attended the kinds and quality of food consumption:

  1. High fibrous
  2. Low of fat
  3. Content balance nutrient.

The high fibrous of food is the food with high fibrous that can be found on all kind of plants like as: vegetables, fruits, rice plants, peanuts and others.
The low fat of food is the food with a little fat and low calories, but its still content prime substance for health like as: protein, calcium, and others.
Be recommended to ours in order to eat a little fat only less than 69 gram every day.
The food with balance nutrients is the food with all kinds of substances that is consumed a day which content power substances, growth substances and regulator substances appropriate with necessity of body.
The food with unbalance nutrients can cause a person suffers fewer nutrients, bad nutrients or overload nutrients.

Enforce physical activity thirty minutes every day minimally

Physical activity is the movement of all part of body components which are causing loss out the power that very important for physical and mental health maintenances along with efforts to defend the quality of life in constant healthy and fresh for a long days.
By regular physical activity for thirty minutes minimally every day can make heart, lungs and order component of body in healthy condition.
If more times can be used to do physical activity then more benefits can be found.
If these activities are committed every day accordance with regular then after three months will be felt its benefits.

Do not smoking

Cigarette is as manufacturer of chemical substances. In one cigarette that is smoked will be resulted out about four thousands chemical substances those are dangerously. There are three chemical substances most dangerous from cigarette fumes like as: Nicotine, Tar and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

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